5 Best Natural ways to Lose Menopause Weight Gain

Are you heading towards your 50s and still menstruating? Time to prepare yourself- you will be starting with the menopause, any minute. Out of the many common effects of menopause like non refreshing sleep or feeling groggy in the morning, putting on weight still remains the most disappointing one among all the others, women don’t want to be caught dead with. Women trust menopause causes a movement in the body that makes it difficult to get in shape. In any case, is it accurate to say that this is truly the case? Science says, it is the hormones and slower digestive system responsible for the whole screw up due to which the belly packs on the additional pounds. But studies have shown that there are ways with which you can get over the weight gain during menopause. These ways tell you that loosening weight gain during menopause is just a piece of cake.

So, lighten up ladies! Show the cold shoulder to menopause as this article spills the beans about beating menopause weight gain.

lose menopause weight gain
5 best ways to lose menopause weight gain

1.Control your sugar level:

In a study conducted on 500 overweight and obese women with waist sizes greater than 31.5 inches, it was concluded that the average weight gain after menopause is between 10 to 20 pounds. Surprisingly, none of them had any of the diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. On close monitoring, it turned out that irregular sugar level was what was causing the weight to move up. So, when you are in your 50s then you must take care of your sugar intake and yes not taking sugar at all is not a sign of wisdom! So, enjoy your dessert but keep a control.

2.Make exercise a piece of your daily routine:

Exercise has a big role for everyone of any age. But it is especially instrumental to help loosen weight gain in women over 50 post menopause. Take few minutes to practice day by day. The name of the game is to loose on extra calories; so only half an hour in a day dancing or gardening or walking can do wonders you will not believe. You can even pick a partner to exercise or walk as it will become part of your schedule; you will not be just shooting the breeze!

3.Maintain a diet journal:

You might be eating significantly a greater number of calories than what you think which is none less than just to paint yourself into a corner. Maintain a journal of all that you eat and discuss with your dietitian to get help in making an adhering to a good diet arrangement.

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4.Prevent weight gain at young age:

The key to prevent the weight gain over 50 is to stop your-self to get over weighed at younger age. If you care about it from earlier age, it is probable that you will not face much of a difficulty during menopause. Get your weight under control now and build up an exercise schedule that you can stay with into mid-life and after that.

5. Befriends with your vegetable and fruit bowl:

Cut back on your sugary sweets and beverages trailed by restricting meats and cheesy food stuffs and snack more on fruits and veggies, bet you will not miss sweets a bit!

Need I say more? Start with the above methods right off the bat. The day when you wake up refreshed will be the one where the rubber meets the road and you will see how weight loosening was just like taking candy from a baby.

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