What causes a hot flashes and night sweats – Best natural supplements for menopause symptoms

One of the most talked about symptoms that women tend to dread is the onset of a menopause hot flash and night sweats. Menopause hot flashes are one of the many symptoms that women experience during the “change of life” stage associated with menopause. Menopause hot flashes occur as a result of the changing hormone levels in the body. Hot flashes, along with many other symptoms are one among the physiological changes as a result of the cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycles.

What is a Hot Flash?

A hot flash is a feeling of heat combined with a rapid heartbeat and sweating.  It is a brief sensation of heat that often leads to uncomfortable and embarrassing pools of sweat. A hot flash may also show on the face of the sufferer, turning their facial features red and flushed.

What causes a hot flashes and night sweats?

causes a hot flashes and night sweats
What causes a hot flashes and night sweats

While the cause is relatively unknown, there are certain triggers that increase the chances of feeling a menopause hot flash. These include diet, smoking, alcohol, and hot surroundings, apart from common triggers like caffeine and spicy food.

A typical one can last anywhere from around two to thirty minutes, with the average woman. These may occur a few times a week or even a few times a day, depending on the severity of it and of the hormonal changes.

There are some natural supplements for hot flashes and night sweats and they include

natural supplements for hot flashes and night sweats
natural supplements for hot flashes and night sweats

Protein — Eggs, milk, Chicken, Soy, Nuts and other dairy products.

Healthy fats — Avocados, dark chocolate, nuts, chia seeds.

High-fibre phytonutrients — peas, lentils, broccoli, artichokes

B Complex vitamin pills are also said to be effective in combating menopausal symptoms.

These are some of the natural supplements for hot flashes menopause combating, apart from many other remedies.  There are a few other solutions like

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Hot flashes and night sweats occur at the onset of menopause or close to it. During menopause the oestrogen levels decrease and this can result in hot flashes and night sweats. To combat this, one can go for Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. In hormone replacement therapy, oestrogen and progesterone are given in either in form of pills, skin patches or vaginal creams. Studies have proven that hormone therapy not only reduces the menopausal symptoms but also the risk of osteoporosis and increases the life span.

Natural herbs and oils -The most effective herb for relieving hot flashes is black cohosh. Soy isoflavones, which are a type of plant oestrogen, is nearly as effective as black cohosh. Red clover isoflavones have been shown to be effective in some studies, but not in others. Evening Primrose is a very effective supplement that combats menopausal symptoms as well as PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. Some supplement companies have products that contain several different herbs, minerals and other plant components designed to provide the most relief possible for women suffering from symptoms of menopause.

There are many natural ways to combat the unwelcome symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, and the anxiety, irritability, fatigue, and sleeplessness that can sometimes accompany them. Balanced diet, proper exercise, cutting down on alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, avoiding unnecessary stress can help combat these menopausal symptoms to a great extent. Nourishing yourself well with each new day is simply the easiest place to begin.

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