What Causes Premature Menopause : 4 Things You Should Know

What could be the most devastating thing in life for women below the age of 40, when they are supposed to have the capacity to bear a child, is premature menopause. But, with modern methods of premature menopause treatment, delivering unexpected results, there should be no cause for heartbreak. There is every chance of a reversal of premature menopause, provided the right premature menopause treatment options are pursued.



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4 things you should know premature menopause

How do I know whether I am having premature menopause?

The following symptoms can help you to diagnose whether you have fallen a prey to premature menopause.

  • Periods that are lighter or heavier than usual
  • Missed or irregular periods
  • Sudden feeling of warmth in the upper portion of the body, known as hot flashes
  • Incontinence of bladder, causing irritability and loss of control of the bladder, which are worsening
  • Reduced flexibility and dryness of the vagina
  • Swings in mood, which may include irritability and mild depression
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth, eyes or skin
  • Decreased sexual emotions

Although some of the symptoms are similar to those experienced by women passing through natural menopause, but what differs, is the age at which these symptoms are experienced. There may be other symptoms that could determine whether you are undergoing premature menopause, which include:

  • You have been trying to be pregnant for more than one year, but without any success
  • You have undergone radiation or chemotherapy
  • You, or any of your family members is suffering from Lupus, Grave’s disease or hypothyroidism.
  • Your sister or mother has experienced premature menopause

Checking with a fertility specialist and undergoing a premature menopause test would be the best option to know whether you are experiencing a premature menopause.

What are the causes of early menopause?

Although what causes premature menopause are often unknown, certain genetic conditions can be attributed for this early menopause, which include:

  • Turner Syndrome
  • Infections
  • Treatment for cancer
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Ovarian surgery

Treatment for premature menopause

The premature menopause treatment options include:

  • Hormone Therapy – This therapy is a process for replacement of estrogen, and is also known as menopause hormone therapy, which is a common therapy prescribed by fertility specialists. While opting for this process of treatment, you should first consult with the doctor on whether this method can be suited for your body conditions.
  • Natural alternative treatments – Natural treatments can be the best option for premature menopause treatment, which include oil of evening primrose. Black cohosh, and herbs like flax seed. Soy, Progesterone creams and Wild Yam can also be effective in relieving premature menopause.

Can I still get pregnant ?

The question about premature menopause and pregnancy persists, as, the question that arises from the mind of a woman experiencing early menopause is, whether there is still a possibility of getting pregnant. The answer is yes, as, the only way you could get pregnant is by using the eggs of a donor. Donors under the age of 34 are considered the best donors, as, their eggs can easily be retrieved through artificial stimulation. The entire process involves medically screening of the donor by a fertility specialist, fertilization of the egg with a partner or husband, or the sperm of the donor, for forming an embryo. This treatment for premature menopause can be the only option for becoming pregnant, in spite of undergoing premature menopause.

The causes, symptoms and treatments for premature menopause has been discussed, but there remains a question as to whether women undergoing early menopause have decreased sex drive or not. To overcome the receptive desire, hormonal issues, pain and dryness of the vagina should be addressed, so that there can be no reason which could affect becoming pregnant.

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