32% of people suffer Vitamin D deficiency that emerges as risk factor of erectile dysfunction ?

Are you pushing through satisfying your partner during intercourse due to lack of erection? Watch your back! Get yourself tested for Vitamin D in your body as it may be a sign of vitamin d deficiency erectile dysfunction. Researchers are up on the findings that 32% of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to lower levels of Vitamin D. The question then arises, how can lack of vitamin d cause erectile dysfunction? As stated in different studies, deficient levels of Vitamin D can kick up the free radicals called the ‘superoxide ions’ which decreases the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide molecules play a significant role in relaxing the blood vessels, stimulating the flow of blood and causing erection; given the body is under normal condition.

What studies have to say about lack of vitamin d erectile dysfunction?

Treating low vitamin d erectile dysfunction
What studies have to say about lack of vitamin d erectile dysfunction ?

Study 1:

There are a handful of studies that show that erectile dysfunction may be a result of insufficient levels of Vitamin D. A research conducted at University of Milan, Italy, tested 143 men who suffered from with different degrees of ED, the result showed that almost half of them came up short with Vitamin D levels and only five had the right levels. This is not the end; men who suffered with very high degrees of erectile dysfunction had the levels of Vitamin D nearly 24% lower than the men who were mildly deficient.

Below are the findings:

• Fifty men were found experiencing atherosclerotic ED, twenty eight with marginal ED while sixty five were classified as non-atherosclerotic ED. The normal vitamin D level was 21.3ng/mL but 45.9% of the men had vitamin D inadequacy which was below 20ng/mL and just 20.2% had vitamin D levels above 30ng/ml.

• The outcomes demonstrated that most men with ED have low vitamin D levels and those with more serious ED had vitamin D levels much below than those with light ED. Vitamin D insufficiency was additionally more terrible in those with ED because of penile atherosclerosis than in those men with ED contributed by other factors.

• These outcomes show that low levels of vitamin D are responsible to cause ED. Setting up ideal blood levels of D may prompt better endothelial functionality and forestall ED.

Study 2:

Dr Michos from Johns Hopkins with her group analyzed the medical records of more than 3,400 men at and above 20 years of age who took an interest in a health survey conducted from 2001 to 2004. None of the men had any cardiac disease, thirty percent had deficient levels of vitamin D and 16 percent reported signs of erectile dysfunction.

Below are the findings:

• Vitamin D levels below 20ng/mL of blood were found in 35 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction as against the 29 percent that did not report any symptom of ED.

• Vitamin D deficient men had 32 percent more chance to suffer an ED than those with normal Vitamin D levels.

Need I say more? Because, it is evident from the findings, Erectile Dysfunction is more or less linked with the low levels of Vitamin D in men.cacse study

Treating low vitamin d erectile dysfunction:

Do not sweat on if you are suffering from ED due to lack of Vitamin D rather it is a time to eye on some Vitamin D rich sources that can bring your Vitamin D levels back to normal.
According to the Institute of Medicine a daily vitamin D intake for adults between 18 to 70 years of age should be 600 international units (IUs) and for those who are above 80 should take 800 international units (IUs). However, you must see a doctor to get recommendation on your intake of Vitamin D.

You can grab Vitamin D from:

• Sun
• Fatty fish
• Canned tuna fish
• Vitamin rich mushrooms
• Fortified milk not cheese not ice-cream
• Orange juice
• Egg yolks
• Fortified cereal
• Beef liver
• Cod liver oil

Maintaining normal level of Vitamin D can treat erectile dysfunction and can get you back to the drawing board!

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